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Avon have been producing a range of high quality tyres since 1904 for cars and motorbikes. With over a century of experience combined with the very latest in design and manufacturing technology, Avon produce tyres of unparalleled quality and ability.

Summer Car Tyres


Ultra-High Performance for Driving Enthusiasts and High End Sports Cars

The ZZ5 is a sporty tyre offering excellent levels of handling for dynamic drivers. Constructed with a highly loaded silica compound, this tyre is optimised to achieve superb traction in wet and dry conditions. The ZZ5 provides excellent safety in wet conditions and was awarded an ‘A’ in some sizes for ‘Wet Grip’ by the EU Tyre Label.

  • Continuous centre grooves work to rapidly evacuate water for superb resistance against aquaplaning

  • Comfortable drive thanks to Optinoise technology which lowers tyre sounds

  • Optimised to evenly distribute pressure for balanced tread wear


A High Performance Summer Tyre with ‘A’ Grade Wet Grip

Providing enhanced levels of safety in wet conditions without sacrificing performance, the ZV7 is a summer tyre you can rely on. Designed with large circumferential grooves, this tyre works to efficiently dispel water from the tyre for superior resistance against aquaplaning.

  • 3D sipes enhance grip in wet conditions

  • Reduced rolling resistance thanks to specialist polymer technology

  • Low levels of tyre noise for a comfortable drive


Modern Pattern for Everyday Use

Designed to be fitted to passenger cars, the ZT5 provides safety in wet conditions and a comfortable driving experience. This tyre is optimised to achieve excellent steering precision, resulting in good stability and enhanced driver control.

  • Excellent resistance against aquaplaning thanks to three wide circumferential grooves which dispel water

  • Avon pitch sequencing works to reduce noise for comfortable driving

  • Safety in wet conditions


Genuine Road-Legal Race Tyre Perfect for Track Days

The ZZR is a road legal tyre designed for passenger cars, ideal for track days and competitions. Featuring a specialist racing compound, the ZZR achieves ultimate gripping capabilities and superb handling in dry conditions.

  • Ultimate performance in dry conditions

  • Designed by the Avon Tyres Motorsport Department

  • Enhanced control

Winter Car Tyres


A Performance Winter Tyre

Designed to provide high levels of performance and enhanced safety in difficult weather conditions, the WV7 is a superior winter car tyre. Constructed with a specialist tread pattern design which features high density sipes, this tyre bites to the surface of the road to provide improved traction on wet and snow covered surfaces.

  • Forward facing shoulder grooves enhance braking performance

  • Awarded a ‘B’ in some sizes for ‘Wet Grip’ by the EU Tyre Label

  • Marked with ‘Severe Snow Conditions’ symbol


Premium Winter Tyre

Ideal for small passenger cars, the WT7 achieves enhanced safety in difficult winter weather. Tested in extreme Alpine conditions, this tyre provides performance when you need it most. The WT7 meets current and future EU legislation for wet grip, clean oil and rolling resistance.

  • Excellent traction on snow covered surfaces thanks to specialist grooves

  • Short stopping distances thanks to advanced design

  • Marked with ‘Severe Snow Conditions’ symbol

Summer 4x4 Tyres


Designed Specifically for Performance SUVs

Ideal for dynamic drivers, the ZX7 provides high levels of driving performance in wet and dry summer conditions. Designed with an asymmetric tread pattern design, this tyre works to achieve superb steering precision and it is optimised for even wear, resulting in long tyre life.

  • Awarded an ‘A’ for ‘Wet Grip’ in some sizes by the EU Tyre Label

  • Latest functional polymer technology enables excellent gripping capabilities

  • Superb handling characteristics

Ranger A-T

Excellent Performance On and Off-Road

The Ranger A-T is optimised to achieve confident and comfortable driving both on and off-road. Thanks to an increased number of sipes on the tread, this tyre works to retain contact with the surface of the road for enhanced traction and high levels of safety in wet conditions.

  • Tough tyre compound resists damage for long tyre life

  • Bold tread pattern design self-cleans to resist clogging

  • Stylish bold white outline lettering on some sizes


The Original Tyre for Your Land Rover Defender

Designed to deliver excellent traction off-road and performance on-road, the Rangemaster is a superb all round tyre for 4x4s. Designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender, this tyre has an authentic aesthetic keeping in-line with the prestige of the vehicle.

  • Superior off-road traction thanks to deep diagonal tread grooves

  • Designed with a robust casing for high levels of driving stability at speed

  • Excellent handling capabilities

Summer Van Tyres

Avanza AV10

Specially for Car-Derived Vans

Providing long tyre life and resistance against general driving wear and tyre, the Avanza AV10 offers high levels of economy for modern vans. This tyre is optimised to achieve superior handling and excellent braking control.

  • Superb road holding capabilities

  • Low noise levels for comfortable driving

  • Tough sidewalls resist damage from kerbs and potholes

Avanza AV4

Modern, High Speed Van Tyre

The Avanza AV4 delivers a more economical performance thanks to its robust sidewall which works to resist damage for long tyre life. This tyre also provides safety in wet conditions thanks to its optimally designed tread pattern which works to rapidly evacuate water from the tyre tread.

  • Reinforced to cope with heavy loads

  • Excellent value for money

  • Safety in wet and dry

Avanza AV11

Modern, High Speed Van Tyre

Designed to deliver mile after mile, the Avanza AV11 is an excellent tyre choice for modern vans. Constructed with a unique commercial compound, this tyre is optimised to achieve long tyre life.

  • Robust sidewall helps to reduce kerbing damage

  • Accommodates heavy loads thanks to reinforced construction

  • Excellent handling characteristics

Winter Van Tyres

WM Van

A Premium Winter Van Tyre for Popular Van Fitments

The WM-Van is a superior van tyre designed to provide performance in difficult winter weather conditions. Constructed with a specialist high silica compound, this tyre achieves enhanced traction in snow and ice to help you to keep moving.

  • Enhanced grip on snow covered surfaces thanks to specialist tyre grooves

  • Studable tread blocks achieve additional traction

  • Excellent wet weather capabilities

Specialist Tyres

Turbosteel 70

Classic Look with Premium Performance

Engineered for luxury classic vehicles, the Turbosteel CR27 provides a quiet and comfortable driving performance. Constructed with a computer designed tread pattern, this tyre works to efficiently evacuate water for excellent resistance against aquaplaning.

  • Enhanced sidewall flex reduces tyre noise for comfortable driving

  • Efficient water displacement for aquaplaning resistance

  • Superb steering response

Turbospeed CR27

The perfect complement to luxury

This tyre has been specifically designed to complement luxury cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. This is because they have been constructed to offer a comfortable, high performance drive whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality. This tyre sports a computer designed tread pattern which is efficient in reducing noise and dispersing water. These low noise levels add to the driving pleasure which is only further enhanced by additional flex in the sidewall.

  • Optimised to provide low noise

  • Classic tread design achieves attractive aesthetic

  • Good handling performance

Turbospeed CR227

Ideal for Vehicles That Want to Retain Their Classic Look

The CR227 is designed to enable classic marques to cruise quietly and comfortably. This tyre is optimised to achieve excellent driving quality and is capable of coping with the weight and stresses of large luxury cars, even when fully laden.

  • Classic tread design achieves attractive aesthetic

  • Quiet driving performance

  • Available in white sidewall to enhance vehicle appearance


Ultra-High Performance for Swift Saloons

The CR228-D is designed to achieve high levels of performance for large, luxury saloons. Thanks to its innovative tread pattern design, this tyre works to rapidly evacuate water for high levels of safety on wet surfaces and excellent resistance against aquaplaning.

  • Awarded a ‘B’ in some sizes for ‘Wet Grip’ by the EU Tyre Label

  • Comfortable driving performance

  • Premium experience for luxury cars

Avon has been making tyres for over 100 years and is based in Melksham, England. Owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Avon Tyres manufactures high quality tyres for cars, vans, 4x4s and motorcycles.

For technical information on Avon please visit the manufacturer's website www.avon-tyres.co.uk

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